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Engagement Photo Tips | 5 Ways to Spice Up Your Engagement Session


Chicago Riverwalk, Downtown Chicago

I consider myself a “yes man” when it comes to wedding and engagement photography. I live for quirky ideas and offbeat poses or locations! Often times it’s doing these atypical things that produce the most stunning pictures. You’ve come to the right place if you’re in need of engagement photo tips!

Engagement Photo Tips 

Jamie and Michael are two energetic people absolutely brimming with joy. Like me, they were excited to sprinkle in some nontraditional shots into their engagement shoot. Jamie’s dad owns a boat that we used to cruise the Chicago River. Even though I tend to get a bit seasick, the “yes man” in me couldn’t refuse! Before I joined the two on the boat, I captured some epic pictures from the bridge above. Then we got some incredible portraits during our sunset cruise. The pure happiness and great energy between these two radiates in every picture!

Jamie and Michael’s engagement shoot was special for many reasons, but most importantly because it was unique to them. The photos center around their love for one another but without being conventional or ordinary. Authenticity at its best!  If you’d like to add a little spice to your engagement photos, here are some ideas to try.

5 Ways to Spice Up Your Session

Pop the Champagne!

Celebratory champagne is never a bad idea! Bring along some cheap bubbles to spray for some incredible candid shots. You can use the rest for romantic toasting pictures. If champagne isn’t your thing, sharing (or even making!) a cocktail is a great way to let loose and get incredible pictures at the same time. 

Show Off Your City

I love this session featured the Chicago River, a beloved icon in our city. Incorporating elements of your city or specific neighborhood opens up endless possibilities for unique and memorable photos. Even the most seemingly mundane places can be manipulated for strikingly artistic shots. You just need the right angle (and the right photographer, ahem). Check out this post to see how we snapped epic shots of Jamie and Michael on the ordinary Chicago “L”!

Include Your Furry Friends

Not only do your four-legged friends put you at ease, but bringing your pets along for your engagement shoot is also a fun way to personalize your pictures. They’re a part of your family after all! The natural love and connection between you and your pets will result in beautifully authentic photos. From sweet snuggle to fits of laughter, pets can bring so much to a session.

Do Your Thing

Showing off hobbies or interests that you share is another way to make your pictures unique to you. Maybe it’s hiking, playing board games, or having a beer at your favorite brewery, capturing shots of you in your element is a nontraditional way to showcase your personalities and the love you share.

Share a Dance

Whether it’s a slow sway or really getting down, finding your groove makes for awesome off-the-wall shots. Music can provide an outlet to be yourself and remove any pressure that comes with a photo session. Dancing shots have a way of capturing the chemistry between a couple in a very genuine way—movement photographs beautifully!

Be Yourself with The Adamkovi Engagement Sessions 

I have such a passion for portraying the love between couples in ways that are different from your typical engagement pictures. If you’d like to see more of my work check out my blog or Instagram!

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