Fairlie Chicago Wedding Photography

jamie & michael

Fairlie Chicago Wedding

This blog post will be a bit longer so I will keep the written part really short.

Fairlie is one of the newest Chicago wedding venues and the saying that the newest isn’t necessarily the best doesn’t apply here. I don’t know if there is some venue that you could actually call the best venue since it really depends on one’s needs, style, size, location, etc. But I am certain that Fairlie is way up there.

We started and ended at Fairlie with a ceremony in St. Hedwig Catholic Church. After that instead of going to some usual place to take photos we just hopped on CTA train and rode a few stops to get to the venue and did all the photos at the iconic Chicago elevated train stops or in the train itself.

After that we went to Fairlie for beautiful speeches, supper yummy dinner and epic dace party!

If you want to do your photos in super unusual way hit us up, because we are your people. 😎

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