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To make your journey a bit easier, we decided to give you some answers to some common—and very important—questions.

FAQ & A's
Why are you named The Adamkovi?
Pavel is originally from Czech. His last name is Adamek, and my married last name is Adamkova (it's a cultural thing to have a masculine and feminine version of a last name). From that logic, guess what the plural of our last name is?! That’s right—you guessed it—The Adamkovi. :)
Why did you choose your logo?
We almost got eaten by a pack of indiscernible Cervidae (moose, deer, dog, dinosaur—who knows they were scary)—so we thought it was fitting. JUST KIDDING. Well not really but here is our real answer:
Pavel is the crown of flowers to my skull. What that briefly means is, Pavel is light-hearted, charming, and carefree; I am contemplative, empathic, and introverted (did I just compare introversion to a skull? Yes, yes I did). Neither is better than the other, and neither of us could be where we are in life today without the other’s strengths. Not only, but ESPECIALLY, in photography.
What is your pricing?
The majority of our couples invest on average $6000-$7000—contact us to schedule a call so we can create a custom proposal for you!
Do your packages include a second shooter?
Yes, the majority of our packages include two photographers so each of us can document you two separately getting ready. Additionally, two photographers ensure key moments are captured (i.e. grooms reaction to the bride walking down the aisle), as well as additional angles and vantage points of that key moment (i.e. guests reaction of the bride walking down the aisle). This exponentially enhances the amount and quality of candid moment we'll be able to capture during your big day ☺️ It should be noted, there are definitely times where a second shooter is not necessary, which is what Pavel will assess during your phone call ☺️
Should we do a First Look?
Absolutely!! First looks are complete game changers for the amount and variety of photos we’ll be able to get you from your day. More particularly, it really helps with getting the more artistic photos you see all over our instagram and portfolio, mainly because there is usually only an hour or so between the ceremony and reception and people usually try to fit all the family photos, bridal party photos, and photos of just the two of them within that one hour. Usually with all that, there really is not too much time to leave and find some awesome location near the venue to take the more creative photos of just the two of you. The First Look allows us to utilize the time we have before the ceremony to use the best kind of light (daylight), soak it all in together in a more relaxed atmosphere, all while creating awesome ART. First looks are like a Superhero for photographs, no lie. At the end of the day, we can work with anything and will totally respect if you choose not to have one, but it’s important to know and weigh the pro’s and con’s depending on what kinds of photos matter most to you.
How many photos will we receive?
Generally speaking, for an 8 hour wedding we quote about 500 photos, but for longer packages, you should receive more :) (all in all it mostly depends on the events and timeline of your day--which we will discuss with you during our phone call ☺️)
When can we expect to see our photos?
We send you about 10-20 photos within 72 hours after the wedding just for a fun little sneak peak. After that, total delivery will be within 90 days from the wedding date (although we seek to work as fast as possible).
Can we receive RAW, unedited files?
Unfortunately it is not in our policy to deliver RAW files, which is actually pretty standard across the board among most established wedding photographers. The reasoning behind that is oftentimes, clients re-edit those RAW files and post it amongst the ones edited by the photographer, and since social media has become a huge platform for how photographers reach future clients, those re-edits can misrepresent what the photographers will and can do for those future clients. This then creates some false expectations that the photographer might not even be aware of from prospective/future clients. You can rest assured that the only files we do not deliver are either:
1. Photos that are out of focus
2. Photos that are repetitive/too similar to ones we’ve already selected
3. Photos with extremely bad lighting situations that compromise peoples’ faces or the aesthetic of the photos
4. Photos where people are blinking or have an unintentionally awkward look
Rest assured, even if there turns out to be more awesome photos than originally quoted/agreed in the contract, we will still spend time editing them so that you can have as many memories from the day as possible ☺️
Do you have insurance?
Yup, just let us know if your venue needs it and we are happy to send it to them!
What equipment do you use?
Always shooting with two Nikons Z'6s at the same time. One is used for the gorgeous 58mm lens, and the other is a rotation of the 24 mm, 35 mm, or 135mm lens based on the need/circumstance. Natural light is always preferred, but in difficult lighting circumstances Pavel has on hand 4 flashes with external triggers, stands, and some light modifiers.
Do you have backups?
Yup, backup cameras and gear day of the wedding, and 4 different backup drives in different locations to ensure your wedding photos are completely secure.
What if Pavel gets sick?
In the rare case scenario that Pavel gets so direly sick that he would not be able to physically be present at your wedding, we are prepared. We are plugged into a very tight network of reputable photographers whom we trust and have worked with in the past, and will do our absolute best to find someone of the same quality shooting level to sub in for him. Additionally, Kristen will still edit your wedding so you still get photos in our style. Throughout the years this has never once happened yet, but we are prepared! It should be noted, there are definitely times where a second shooter is not necessary, which is what Pavel will assess during your phone call ☺️
Do you reserve dates?
Unfortunately, no. We can only reserve a date with a 50% retainer and a signed contract, and we operate on a first-come-first-serve basis.



Pavel has a way of making everyone feel relaxed and to simply be themselves in front of the camera. We heard so many compliments from our guests and the wedding party on how impress they are with the photographer. Everyone said he made the whole day go by with no stress and knew how to make people feel comfortable. Kristen was fast and professional with every communication we had. The Adamkovi is a hardworking, talented team who cares dearly about every couple they work with. It's hard to come across a team who works so well together and puts everything they got to give the best for their client.

Joanne & Ryan

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