Downtown Chicago Engagement Session Photography - Chicago Board of trade

allison & andrew

Downtown Chicago Engagement Session


Downtown Chicago, IL

Allison & Andrew got married nearly a year before this session. Because of covid pandemic we couldn’t capture their engagement session so we turned it into a one year anniversary session and let me tell you: these guys are absolute models!

Whenever we do an engagement session we want to get as many views and styles as we can, but we also usually don’t have a whole day to do it so we do have to chose locations which are very versatile and give a wide variety of backdrops within a short walk.

We started at the loved-by-many Kinzie Street bridge which overlooks the Chicago river and downtown area, where we were able to create a several very different scenes right by the bridge itself. Allison and Andrew aren’t a professional models but if they would be on the cover of Vogue magazine they would fit right in.

After this location we went to Gray Hotel to change into a secret agent, fancy ball attire and did a few photos at their bar Vol 39. to complete the James Bond look.

While waiting for our Uber we did a few photos in the middle of LaSalle street right in front of the Batman’s Board of trade building from a Dark Knight scene. And finished the whole session at the Olive Park which is right next to Navy pier and overlooks the northern skyline of Chicago. The breathtaking views combined with amazing light and spectacular model couple  (+ secret ingredient of Kristen’s magical editing) creates photos which are hard to explain so you will just have to see them for yourself.


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