Ovation Chicago Wedding - Tthe Adamkovi

lauren & vince

Ovation Chicago Wedding

We don’t like a cookie cutter photos. Lauren & Vince neither.

I started wedding photography because I love art and people. It could be easy to forget the people part and just create photos which are beautiful for the portfolio or social media. To chase the likes.

But our job is to capture people during one of the biggest parties they will ever throw and we want them to feel truly themselves with all their weirdness and quirkiness!

Be truly and uniquely you.

I know it sounds super cheesy, but we mean it. We love to capture our couples the way they are, not the way the instagram algorithm works, while of course still trying to create the most beautifully looking photos possible.

Lauren & Vince are an amazing couple who does whatever the heck they want and we are so honored that we could have captured their fantastic personalities on their wedding day.

In short: they got ready in The Virgin Hotels in Chicago, did photos in the Chicago Cultural Center and outside around Chicago, and ended up in Ovation—such a fun venue with awesome textures, a bass-y sound system for a great party, and a Rolls Royce with a personal driver included!

Enjoy the bugs, butterflies, black cats and knives 😎 And of course the epic party at the end!

Till Death 😘


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