kylee & ray

Beautiful Broho Bride & Rainy Day Wedding at CD&ME

Planning a wedding is no small feat. Some couples spend hours poring over details big and small to create a day that captures your essence and celebrates the love you share. However, as Murphy’s Law suggests, something might deviate from that well-designed blueprint. That’s when professional, experienced, and creative wedding vendors come in handy! When it comes to your wedding photographer, you need someone whose style not only fits your vision but someone who is knowledgeable enough in their craft to guide you through any unexpected hiccups. This lovely boho bride and her groom envisioned a picture-perfect outdoor ceremony–which worked out beautifully–but they were thrown for a loop during pictures after.


Kylee and Ray exchanged vows at The Mica, a gorgeous barn venue at CD&ME, surrounded by their adoring family and friends. This lively group brought the energy and fun, which can be seen so clearly through the images of their day. The love between these two was palpable throughout their ceremony—so many joyful tears were shed (maybe even a few by me)! Their bliss exiting as newlyweds (with their precious son in hand) radiates through each shot.


However, Mother Nature decided it was the perfect time for a shower. We began capturing family portraits following the ceremony….and then it began to pour. Kylee, Ray, and their loved ones were such good sports about the unforeseen weather affecting their plan. So, we continued on with the reception as if this were the plan all along. Then, with a little creativity and patience, we were able to get our shots (including some seriously gorgeous sunset photos) once the rain cleared.

Thanks for the Love!

“We would absolutely recommend The Adamkovi over and over again! They did THE most amazing job capturing our day. Looking through the pictures was just like reliving every part of our wedding day. Pavel was absolutely incredible and made the picture-taking process so much fun. He even managed to make things work when we were hit with a storm for a little bit which created the most beautiful sunset afterwards, that of course he was able to capture. Easily one of the best decision we made for our wedding was having The Adamkovi as our photographer!”


3 Things to Check Before Booking a Wedding Photographer

A surprise rainstorm, wardrobe malfunction, or guests who come too early (or late) could easily derail your expectations and bring stress to a day that’s meant to be joyful. Like life, wedding days aren’t perfect, but having a good photographer in your corner can make all the difference.


They’re here for YOU.

Should a stressful or unexpected situation arise, the last thing you need is to worry about accommodating your photographer. You have plenty to think about on your big day, least of all the shot list. Whether we need to push back family portraits or you need more time with hair and makeup, a well-versed photographer will adapt for you and your needs, not the other way around!


They have experience in the industry.

This is where hiring a professional, seasoned photographer will serve you well. They’ve seen it all! Your photographer should be someone who can provide sound advice and solutions to any problem that may arise (maybe even outside of photography!). Need help finding the right photographer? Check out my blog post here.


They’re out-of-the-box thinkers.

Speaking of solutions, a good photographer can dream up alternative solutions on a dime. This could range from switching up locations to working with available lighting. I cannot stress enough about hiring someone that you trust. Often a pose or location may feel odd to clients, but your photographer has a special eye for creating exceptional images. Confidence in their expertise may just result in your favorite shot.


Hire Someone You Love & Trust

Don’t let unexpected moments become paramount on your special day. Start by hiring trustworthy professional vendors to make your dreams come true—rain or shine. How do you know if your potential photographer has these traits? Schedule a call or video chat! You can look at all the online photos and get an idea, but a genuine meeting is the best way to know if they’re the real deal and if you mesh well together.


Searching for a Chicago-based wedding photographer you can trust? Check out our work or get in touch to start the journey to beautiful wedding photos that you’ll cherish for years to come. I can’t wait to meet you!

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