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Lacuna Lofts Wedding | Urban Skyline Venue

You know what they say: nothing can hold back love—not even a pandemic! Rita and Thomas were supposed to get married in 2020, so they opted for a small ceremony to officially tie the knot (see photos at the end). That gave them extra time to plan the most epic wedding experience imaginable! I can’t think of a more stunning backdrop than the Chicago skyline to exchange vows. We had a glorious day with blue skies for their rooftop ceremony at Lacuna Lofts downtown. The bold, artistic aesthetic matched their personality brilliantly.

Rita and Thomas brought along the wildest and craziest wedding crew to celebrate by their side. The result was a striking collection of wedding photos you can feel. Even if you didn’t attend the wedding, their photos put you in the moment with them. I was over the moon with their effortless energy and authentic interactions.

The laughter never ended as we tried to get all of the iconic city street shots. We scattered back to the sidewalk when cars honked their way through, and then we scrambled to get back in formation just in time to get a few more images. The best poses are often not posed at all but rather perfectly-timed snapshots at just the right angle as things unfold organically.

The Lacuna Lofts Wedding Experience

I’m always blown away by wedding ceremonies at the Lacuna Lofts rooftop deck. The deck is incredibly photogenic. An outdoor venue is always a great option if you want vibrant ceremony pictures. The breeze, natural light, and outdoor ambiance create a certain vitality that’s often missing in a more traditional setting. Even Rita and Thomas’ nighttime photos on the deck were just incredible with the backlight. Later, the newlyweds joined their friends and family for some awesome dancing and even a surprise dance performance by Rita’s cousins!

At the end of the wedding, they gave me a little gift—the tiny hands they always have with them (which found their way into many of the photos). It’s a hilarious reminder of their little inside joke, and my daughters continue to love to play with them. Needless to say, this wedding day was one for the books! I loved every moment of it.

About Lacuna Lofts | Eclectic Chicago Wedding Venue

Located in downtown Chicago’s Lower West district, Lacuna Lofts has garnered quite a list of accolades. Lacuna Lofts was once home to the world’s largest macaroni factory, and now it’s one of the best wedding venues for panoramic skyline views. The expansive al fresco rooftop makes it possible to feel like you’re on top of the world as your share your first newlywed kiss. The spectacular venue excels in delivering an unforgettable wedding experience. When couples ask about Chicago’s most unique wedding venues, Lacuna Lofts always comes to mind.

The building offers a shared space for businesses, artists, nonprofits, and event spaces. The well-designed landscape makes the event space and loft feel private and spacious.

Given the urban setting, the venue is ideal for bold or urban wedding designs. Alternatively, a minimalist, neutral design would allow the venue to speak for itself. Several colorful murals and art installations provide added touches to the raw industrial aesthetic. Exposed brick, hardwood floors, heavy timber columns, and lounge areas add warmth and personality to the reception area. Meanwhile, the rooftop deck provides extra space for you and your guests to mix and mingle—perfect for cocktail hour or sharing a quiet moment gazing out at the nighttime skyline.

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