Salvatores Chicago Wedding - The Adamkovi

ellen & bill

Salvatore's Chicago Wedding

They got ready Hotel Lincoln, got married in St. Josaphat Church, and had a reception in Salvatore’s Chicago. And even though the had a super classic hotel, immaculate church and beautiful reception (and we really love those places), we care the most about people!

And Ellen & Bill are the kinds of people who everyone wants as friends. They are caring, smart, and ridiculously hilarious, ahh, and also they look great 😍.

This day was just so much fun for us. From the moment of getting ready until the night we were just having a blast! SOooo much laughter. 😂

I almost forgot. They know how to party!! 😎🎉

There are are some weird photos in this gallery 😂!

Enjoy 😉

Salvatore's Chicago Wedding - St. Josaphat Catholic Church, ceremony first kiss

Ellen & Bill Wedding



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