Kate & dan

saint charles one-year anniversary shoot


Saint Charles, Illinois

Last year I (Pavel) shot one of the most memorable weddings of 2017 in Saint Charles, IL. It wasn’t just a job, where I would simply just come take pictures and leave. It was a time where I would come, hang out with the fam, celebrate, capture some of the most intimate moments in someone’s life, cry, jump in a boucy house with the couple, eat tacos and ice cream, and leave.

But the wedding was so good and the couple’s energy and electrifying magnetism so memorable that we just had to photograph Kate and Dan’s one year anniversary session. We started in their house close to downtown Saint Charles, continued to Creek Bend Nature Center at LeRoy Oakes Forest Preserve, and finished behind the Hotel Baker. We had so many hilarious moments–including being consistently attacked by a swarm of blood-thirsty mosquitoes (which made for amazing photos, by the way)–but you should just look through so you believe us.

Kate and Dan are two amazing people who would do anything I asked them to do for a great photo and a great memory. There is no better type of people photographer can ask for. Now that sounds like I forced them to do all that stuff and they didn’t even enjoy it, but there is a proof that they loved it. At least that is what Kate says on our facebook page.

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