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Edinburgh. Scotland

How often do you get a Chicago wedding photographer in Edinburgh? At the beginning of this year, Pavel went to shoot a few couple’s shoots and one wedding shoot in Edinburgh, Scotland. And it was just an INCREDIBLE trip. It was literally running all over Edinburgh from one shoot to another LITERALLY after stepping off the plane, and Pavel pretty much destroyed his legs (after having Kyrie we are getting old too fast :D), but it was all worth it.

Tamar and Matt have actually been married for a while now, but since they are fellow wedding photographers (and videographers) they were excited to collaborate and be models for a styled wedding shoot! And they are just the best kind of models because they’re actually in love haha so you don’t have to stage anything; they are SO in love–it’s so eminent and just overflows from all the photos (you’ll see :))!

It is so freeing when the couple you’re shooting completely trusts your vision, and it definitely was a relief that Tamar wasn’t afraid to make her bridal dress a bit dirty. We are incredibly grateful that Tamar and Matt were both so willing to climb up a super muddy hill (also very relieved that they didn’t slip and make themselves super muddy at the beginning of the shoot… :D) because those are some of our favorite shots ever 🙂

We started right in Dean Village in Edinburgh which has so many beautiful hidden spots which you won’t find on Google as I had tried. But once you walk in and look around, it’s just… an amazing place. Like fairy-tale-amazing. Most of the shoot took place in Edinburgh, but then we went to finish at Cramond Beach nearby.

We are super stoked about how the photos turned out and do hope that we get to shoot in Scotland once again. We are not a wedding photographer team living in Edinburgh, but if you are getting married in Chicago, Scotland or anywhere in the world for that matter, don’t hesitate to shoot us a message. We love to travel 🙂 Plus you will not regret having us as your wedding photography team! 🙂


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