allison & andrew

Villa Terrace Milwaukee Wedding

Allison & Andrew planned their mini wedding before Coivd-19 hit in March of 2020. The plan was to get married in Milton Lee Olive Park in Chicago and Since their wedding was supposed to be super tiny they thought they will not have to reschedule, but as the year’s events were developing things took another turn.

The couple decided it will be better to change the wedding to Villa Terrace Decorative Arts Museum in Milwaukee, partially because no one knew what can happen after the 2020 election results in Chicago and partially because the whole lakefront in Chicago remained closed due to the pandemic.

After moving their wedding to Villa Terrace we had all plans set in stone and the wedding was about to happen in a week, but both the bride and the groom were feeling a little sick. After some tests, they found out that they and their whole family have the coronavirus. There was nothing else to do other than just to postpone once again. Thankfully all the vendors were very accommodating and so some weeks later we finally met.

They wanted to have a fall wedding, but now it was the second half of November and if you know how Chicago and anything around Lake Michigan works, you know that it could be a beautifully snow-filled time. No leaves on the ground. No 60-degree weather.


The weather was the best it could possibly be at this time of the year!

They both got ready in the Kimpton Journeyman Hotel. Allison did her own makeup and got her hair done by Elle Proctor from The Updo Girl. Then Andrew Slipped into a tux and Allison into her Jenny Yoo dress we went downstairs to first read the notes they wrote to each other and then to see each other for the first time.

We walked around the Historic Third Ward and did some epic photos in the neighborhood before we set out to the Villa Terrace Decorative Arts Museum. Both Allison & Andrew looked so good and the venue is so amazing that I could spend there the whole day just creating some amazing photos, but the tiredness of the day kicks in and the couple needs a break. Nothing a granola bar wouldn’t fix. After a few minutes we had to get ready for the ceremony on the beautiful Italian terrace and voila – They are married!

They had a plan to go to a restaurant afterwards and there wouldn’t be a good occasion to do their first dance and so we did their first dance on the terrace with music playing out of a phone from within Andrew’s pocket 😂. I love micro weddings! After a change to evening gown, we drove to the restaurant and finished the evening with cake cutting and food.

And there Andrew nearly lost his wedding ring 🤦‍♂️😂  (I hope you still have it, Andrew!)


When you choose, or you are forced to have a small wedding don’t think it can’t be a beautiful celebration of your marriage. Maybe you can’t have everyone you’d like to have there, but you can still have a perfect day with amazing experiences and memories and some EPIC PHOTOS to remember it by!

Go get married and have fun!

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