Megan & Kevin

the quadrangle club wedding


The Quadrangle Club, Chicago, Illinois

Megan and Kevin, and their wedding at The Quadrangle Club in Chicago. Ah, what to say about these two. There is so much–and, yes, a picture is worth a thousand words (so this blog post is probably already 150,000 without us even saying anything), but alas. We must divulge, and indulge you about these two’s inspirational day.

We have seen many times where weddings become a bit hectic and even a bit stressful, for various reasons. Some people don’t mind it, or simply just expect it to be so, and some people want to take it a bit slower and just enjoy their day (I mean, who doesn’t want to enjoy their own wedding day??). Megan and Kevin decided for the latter; they didn’t want us to simply capture photos of their day, they wanted to CREATE photos–they wanted to MAKE. ART. So our recommendation of at least 30 minutes for couple portraits was stretched into nearly 3 hours because of this very reason, and we were able to create such epic-ness together that we couldn’t cut this blog post any shorter.

On a purely aesthetic note, this wedding was basically everything a photographer could ask for. For one, the venue–The Quadrangle Club at the University of Chicago is absolutely incredible, with gothic style architecture robed in the lush greens of ivy. Just outside the building, in fact, we were able to create some quiet moonlit portraits, which were just [insert “100” emoji 3x here] xD

Even a random staircase at the University of Chicago that was simply leading us to another destination to take pictures ended up being one of our favorites! I guess we could talk all day about all the different places we shot, but… I suppose you should just scroll for yourself 😉

But other than aesthetically, this wedding was radiating with beauty simply because of Kevin and Megan’s sheer child-like joy and inability to contain it (sometimes it was quite difficult to get Kevin not to smile for more “serious” photos haha :D). The love that you can see in Kevin’s eyes throughout the whole day–from the very first time he saw Megan in all her glamour, to standing in front of her at the altar, to crushing it on the dance floor together all night long–it was just so heartwarming and uplifting.

BASICALLY, the conclusion of all this is: if you’re ever sad, just scroll through this blog post, look at a few of Kevin and Megan’s faces, and all will be better again. This day was pure celebration, from the inside out–it definitely belongs to our top 5 of the year, not only because it was such a vast platform with the freedom to create, but, more importantly, it was a day of contagious joy and genuine love.

This wedding is a perfect example of why Kristen and I work together even though she is not present at the wedding itself. Both of us meet the couple together whenever it is possible, so we both know their story, personalities, and what they care about most when it comes to photography. I am the more technical guy who jumps up and down and presses the buttons of the camera, and Kristen is the one who coaches me the night before and tells me everything I have to capture, while she will stay home with our little girl day of. Afterwards, she spends weeks throwing some spells and magic at the photos and creates this beauty you will now behold.

ANYWAYS, enough talking. Go and refresh yourself with this little glimpse into Megan and Kevin’s inspiring AND hilarious love story!