The Process


The Photographing Process

– a note from Pavel –

Truth is, weddings are crazy. You know it, I know it, the people who watch “Bridezillas” know it.

And it’s sad, because one of the most amazing moments of your life (being eternally love-binded to your boo, of course) is drowned by this sea of checklists and people-pleasing. It happens even to the best of us.

We’re here to help.

We will create an awesome day, together. Pavel is with you from the very beginning to the very end–from all the bedheads and curling irons to the last crazy in-law finally making his way off the dance floor. It is your day, and in the midst of all that chaos, the camera is looking at YOU, and reflecting back at you that your love and your commitment are the only reasons why any of it matters.

We think our team can help you remember this crazy, fantastic day: not just years or decades after, but in the everso beautiful, fleeting moments as they are happening.

Don’t be the only ones to miss out on your big day.

The Editing Process

– a note from Kristen –

In high school, I (Kristen) was the kind of kid who would stay up until 5am.

… rearranging my parents’ living room.

There’s just an emotion to space, and imagery, that I get lost in–creating spaces of comfort and warmth. And creating photos that reflect that same nostalgic feeling of warmth and stillness, yet depth and vibrancy of life.

In fact, it took a couple months of very long days and nights to develop a color scheme/style which I feel evokes memory and nostalgia the way it feels in me, the way it happens in my own mind when reflecting back on fond and close memories.

But our minds, along with our memories, fade over time, and a photograph has that split-second moment everso vividly etched in it. That striking balance between shadow and light, color and fade–that is the pivot point upon which the emotion of that memory sits. The point which I seek endlessly to find–to perfect–in each memory.


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