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julia & jonathan

Sunrise Chicago Wedding

I am not a morning person, but when Julia & Jonathan wanted to do a morning wedding I had to encourage them to do a super early sunrise wedding with the Chicago skyline behind them. They said yes!

And so our adventure started very early in the morning. To be precise at like 4 AM. Sun coming up above the lake Michigan after a cold night is something so magical. It is still dark everywhere, but the horizon is getting lighter and lighter. We all know there is sun somewhere, but it is not yet seen, and then out of nowhere this piercing bright sliver appears on the water. It is so bright you can’t even look at it directly. And it all happens so fast! You are not looking for a few seconds and everything changes. You can literally see the sun move with your eyes, not like the midday sun which seems to be still.

It is a shame that I see sunrises so rarely (but I just love my warm bed so much! 😂). I will remember this wedding for a very long time just because the light was pure magic!

Of course, not just the sunrise was awesome, but Julia & Jonathan were just great!  After the lake, we went to get them married in their favorite flower shop.  This was the first wedding ever in Steve’s Flower shop, can you believe it? More people should have such cool ideas 😊. Also, the bride’s good friend was marrying them, even though she was in a completely different time zone.

Yes, this year’s and possibly next year’s weddings are for sure different than expected, but I love the creativity people are putting into their weddings! I hope that this is something people will continue doing even after COVID-19 is under control.

Stay creative! Find beauty! Look for joy, it is everywhere around you! Work for it! Wake up. There are things, moments, and people around you who are worth it, As Olaf says: “Some people are worth melting for.”

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