claire & kevin

Ping Tom Memorial Park Engagement Session


Ping Tom Memorial Park, Chicago

I don’t have scientific proof, but Chicago has the best photo locations. Like Ping Tom Memorial Park where we captured this engagement session of Claire & Kevin.

Being so close to the rush of the city while being in nature is an amazing experience and through the magic of photography, we can make it look like there aren’t 3 million people anywhere near you. 😊

The more I do photography the more in love with it I am. When I started I just wanted to document things around me, but over time learned that documenting is not just snapping random photos but it is storytelling and creating something new out of things which are in front of me! Before I ever came to this park I looked it up online and I wasn’t sold on it. I felt like it looks bland and boring, but after coming and seeing it in real life with eyes that are trained to see beauty everywhere it got transformed into this amazing photographic playground. Anyways… I feel like I am just rambling here…

Let us know what kind of feel of photos you are looking for and I can promise you that we can create almost anything in this amazing City 😎

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