kat & michael

Pandemic Backyard Micro Wedding


Backyard in the suburbs of Chicago

If after you plan your whole wedding a pandemic of COVID-19 hits and cancels your wedding what do you do? You say thank you and plan a new micro wedding in your own backyard as Kat & Michael did.

But seriously… this pandemic hasn’t been easy for anyone but we have to figure it out and make the best out of it! Kat loved planing her wedding and when they decided to have one micro backyard wedding and also one large wedding next year she was overjoyed she can get married twice and plan two awesome parties!

As tough as COVID-19 is we really enjoy all the tiny weddings we have been capturing this year. We get to hang out only with the immediate families and capture these super special moments in the strange times as the year 2020 is.

If you had to cancel your wedding this year don’t be too sad and plan something different and epic.

Kat, for example, decided that she will get married in non-traditional colors and got herself a burgundy boho dress and Michael ordered new clothes, but since they didn’t arrive on time he got married in shorts and t-shirt. Isn’t this awesome??? 😂

Since you don’t have 150+ guests you can buy some cool armchairs from the Facebook marketplace for catering order a few pizzas and have a blast!

As Bobby McFerrin says: “Don’t worry, be happy.” Corona is here and if you are healthy it is still hard but you can have a pretty amazing wedding and celebrate your love.

Kat & Michael you guys are awesome. Can’t wait to hang out with you again.

PS: The boardgame night will still happen. One day. 😊


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