Emily & Yosef

the robey hotel / ovation chicago wedding


Ovation, Chicago

Emily and Yosef had their wedding in Ovation Chicago, even though they live on the other side of the world. And that is what we share (since we are currently writing this post from Czech Republic, where Pavel is originally from). We love shooting weddings in Chicago (where we are based), because this city holds so much personality–with such a vast spectrum of moods and wild views and characters that, no matter how many weddings are in Chicago every season, each one is always very much unique and exciting, nonetheless 🙂

Emily and Yosef’s day started by getting ready in the Robey Hotel, a beautiful hotel on six corners in Wicker park, which, as you can see below, has a boss view of this popular attraction as well as the cityscape. Yosef got to see Emily for the first time with her gleamingly laced dress and silkily cascading locks on the roof of the hotel, where they were able to spend some rare yet very important quiet moments of just the two of them (+ the invisible photographers haha) (side note: the rarity of these still, quiet, emotion-filled moments is why we highly recommend first looks). After they got to soak it all in together, it was time for the FUN to BEGIN: riding the trolley around the city, taking beautiful AND hilarious photos. The trolley rode through the Lincoln Park nature boardwalk, to the iconic Kinzie bridge, and ended up at the venue, Ovation Chicago.

Ovation is a stunning modern industrial loft space with a huge, amazing skylight and a perfect sound system, and it was loads of fun getting to shoot this wedding for This is Feeling Photography. Let’s just say that it’s an incredible spot and Pavel had fun spending the day there. You can see for yourself through the photos below 🙂



We would be more than happy to capture your wedding day in Ovation or anywhere else in Chicago land area so don’t hesitate and schedule a meeting with us! We would love to buy you a coffee 🙂