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sarah & justin

North Avenue Beach Chicago Engagement


North Avenue Beach, Chicago, IL

North Avenue Beach in Chicago is a pretty great location for an engagement session if you want to capture the city’s skyline. This view of the city is honestly my most favorite! Justin and Sarah both went to the same college as me (Pavel), and Justin and I actually worked together as kitchen workers in the cafeteria for some time. Good times good times 😊

Sarah & Justin are super charming, energetic, and silly 🎉😊One of our main goals in wedding and engagement photography is to capture your most natural selves! I think their personalities come out perfectly in the photos (just wait till you look ‘n see 😉)

After we left North Ave. Beach, we went to Millennium Park. If you’ve ever been to this iconic Chicago spot, you KNOW that little kids are always playing in the water here–and these two were crazy (amazing) enough to pretend they are under a waterfall themselves (we’re not in Iceland people–gotta make our own magic!! 😁😁)! It is so awesome when people “do it for the gram” 😂 But seriously, this is why we love doing our jobs because we get to hang out and create cool stuff with such fun people!

Enjoy and if you are ready to get soaked by a fake waterfall, hit us up.

PS. You don’t actually have to get wet to get great photos, so even if you would prefer to stay dry message us 😆😎

PPS. This location is one of our favorite places for engagement photos in Chicago.

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