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diana & shahin

logan square engagement


Logan Square, Chicago

Oh how we love Logan Square Engagement shoots! Not only because we live like 10 minutes away from the heart of Logan, but also because it is just an incredible neighborhood full of creativity and life. All the people who have contributed in creating/designing the neighborhood are artists: the architects, the builders, the bridge engineers, the mural painters, the landscape designers, the graffiti artists. And when you put Shahin who is a visual effects artist and his beautiful wife Diana against this amazing backdrop–well, you get a shoot that is almost effortlessly and ridiculously in-your-face AWESOME.

We shot the first half of the photos between Ipsento 606 coffee shop and The Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club which are literally 2 minutes apart from each other. You don’t have to travel miles in order to create a diversity of fun and unique photos 😉 The rest we took a little more up north on Milwaukee, just a few minutes before we completely lost all daylight.

I (Pavel) love taking couples to the ugly back alleys where many people would never go (sounds so sketchy I know), because there are rat baits everywhere and it’s stinky and dirty there (sorry I’m using toddler language to paint the scenario–I am a father, after all ;)). But right there, there are so many hidden gems just waiting to be discovered by me, or other people who know that there is so much beauty hidden in places most wouldn’t dare to look. Diana lived in the city for many years, and therefore she is not afraid and was more than happy to go for it and create what you’ll see below.

What more can we say? Maybe just: Thank you Diana & Shahin for being awesome and we can’t wait to show you two and everyone else what we created during their wedding (which happened two days after this shoot)!


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