liv & dexter

chicago wedding


Mott Street Chicago, Chicago, Illinois

I got to shoot a wedding of my friends Liv and Dexter. Such an honor. I have known both of them for a long time. Dexter is super cool guy who had me cracking up many times with his crazy jokes and Liv.. Liv will say that I owe her, because she introduced me to my wife (which is and is not necessarily true haha). Liv was my roommate for 8 months when I first got married.

So this wedding was special for me. Dexter is nothing like my brother, but somehow I felt like I am taking pictures of my brother and sister. Also they are just fun people so it was a blast. I was there mainly to take pictures after the ceremony so don’t be surprised if this wedding seems almost like there was just a one huge party. Which it was.. Liv is a singer and all her musician friends came to sing for them on a little porch of an amazing Chicago restaurant called Mott st.

Enough of my scattered thoughts. Enjoy the story better through my photos.