meredith & peter

Lacuna Lofts Chicago Wedding

Every wedding is a bit unique, and that was also true about this Lacuna Lofts Chicago wedding! The uniqueness of every wedding is however not as much in the order of the day, amount of guests, decor, and florals or the wedding dress design… Even though those elements always differ, we love the uniqueness of each couple and the crowd of people they bring in to their wedding!

Meredith & Peter are the nicest people with whom we bonded over the first cup of coffee and you could see that the people who they made their friends were a bunch of crazy and nice people (mainly crazy, haha 😂)

Words can not describe what we mean, just look through the photos and you will understand. 😊

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Lacuna Lofts Chicago Wedding Photography - The Adamkovi, rooftop epic, creative, bride and groom portraits

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