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Downtown Chicago

Monique and Jason wanted a bit more of an intimate, quiet wedding day for themselves, and therefore decided to have a Chicago Elopement focused on making incredible artistic portraits (and getting married, of course :P). When we first met with them, Monique expressed that what was really important to her was to really capture the urbanscapes of this city we live in–and we were like NO PROBLEM 👍🏼😁👍🏼 And thus, a star was born (or multiple stars, rather. referencing photos below 🤩🤣)

I don’t know if you’ve already guessed by now, but we seriously love small weddings and elopements and this day was just oozing with creative juices 😍😍😍

Because we allotted 4 hours for shooting, they wanted to begin the story of their day at the super hip Fieldhouse Jones. I captured a bit of them getting ready, looking dapper in the dapper hotel. SIDE NOTE: We are absolutely in love with the portraits we were able to capture from here. When these guys are in front of the camera, it is an absolute breeze. I would tell them: “Stand here and look awesome,” and, almost effortlessly, that’s what they did. 🙂

So we took some photos of getting ready in the hotel and then after the first look we went together to the Loop to the court house to get married.

Pro tip: If you want to get married FAST, do it on a Tuesday (or any weekday) or have someone wait in line about 30 minutes before you arrive; Chicago is IN LOVE and a LOT of people want to get married at the same time at the same place (just look at the photos of people standing in line from this elopement as well as from Olivia & Steven‘s! LINE OUT THE DOOR CRAY). Monique and Jason had family members stand in line before we arrived so we didn’t waste too much time waiting–and BAM we were in and out in like 20 minutes (and that’s fast from our experience!). So efficient guys 👍🏼 Yay more time for photos!

Because it all went by so fast we had so much freedom to walk around and create some fun and unique photos in places common and uncommon for wedding photos. Monique & Jason are absolutely stunning in all of these photos and we are just so thankful for the freedom of creative vision that they entrusted to us. Thank you again, Monique & Jason and we hope this first month of marriage has been absolutely beautiful <3

Check ’em out!! And if you want to see more elopements captured by us you can see another recent Chicago elopement here.


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