Alex & Phil

chevy chase country club wedding


Chevy Chase Country Club, Wheeling, Illinois

Alex and Phil had wedding at The Chevy Chase Country Club on one of last days of this summer. Alex is a lover of dogs, Phil a lover of photography and together they are lovers of adventure. But the main thing they share is love for each other. And that is exactly why we met. They needed someone who understands love. Someone who can help. They needed a counselor… WAIT… that is not what I wanted to say…

…they needed a wedding photographer.
* EDIT: this is Kristen wanting to let you know that joke was all Pavel. … -_-

Their wedding was absolutely perfect. Everything went according to plan, the venue was just amazing since they could have both the ceremony and reception at the same place, but with vastly different atmospheres. The outside ceremony worked out in the best way possible–boasting not only one of the last warm days of summer, but also the most amazing officiant, Christina, who lit up the whole crowd with joy with her colorful hair and beautiful voice. Quickly after the ceremony, we were able to catch the last few sun rays of the day to do some awesome portraits. Afterwards, we went straight to the pretty awesome Greek dance party!

After it was all done, Pavel couldn’t get himself to leave because he and the groom talked for very long time about love. …WAIT.  … did it again…

…they talked for a very long time about gear! YUP (Phil was about to shoot his first wedding shortly after theirs).

Well anyways… rambling.

And they are living happily ever after (also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALEX :D)

The End.

Check. it. out 😉