Art Institute Chicago Engagement session - The Adamkovi, staircase

cammie & fadee

Art Institute of Chicago Engagement


Art Institute of Chicago

I am not sure if you knew that the Art Institute of Chicago is not only a place to see art but also a place to create art. Yes, that’s right. Both inside the museum and outside in the gardens you can create beautiful photos!That is exactly what Cammie & Fadee wanted.

It was a great thought, except I had no idea how they looked. 😂 While waiting in front of the entrance I gave a searching look at every couple coming to the museum. They must have thought I am crazy but what else was I supposed to do?

In a while, a couple was coming up the stairs and I was sure that that’s them. How? No-one dresses so nicely to go look at paintings. They were the best looking couple around! I mean just look at the photos! 😊

do you also want to confuse me? 😂

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