Meet the team / the family

as written by Kristen

The Creator

 The Main Photographer


Pavel is the more technical one between the two of us, and his eye shines bright with innovation. His ability to create and recreate is relentless; he, and his work, is ever-evolving. Spends hours reading articles about the best equipment, the newest technology, how we can ever advance our gear and compositions for the best possible imagery–FOR FUN.

He has the undying energy of a machine-beast, yet an approachability and charm that makes you forget that you just met him two minutes ago.

The Perfector

 The Main Editor


I, Kristen, would like to say I’ve lived a full and independent life–with lots of hard losses and hardwon triumphs–before I ever knew Pavel and Kyrie; but in these past few years, I’ve become something quite new, quite better, in their presence, and it’s hard to describe myself without their imprints.

Pavel’s crazy mind and endless stories…. his child-like genuineness, and insistent loyalty. His untouchable ambition.
Kyrie’s fresh eyes, and eagerness to learn… her trust when she folds herself into my arms. Her banging her head on the window for no other reason than liking the sound it makes… over and over.

These two make my life fuller, and I love watching them–us–become who we are because of each other.

The Creative, Perfect Distractor

The Main Reason


Kyrie Eleison. When we first named her, we thought, “How beautiful a name, with such a deep, spiritual meaning!” (Kyrie Eleison means “Lord have mercy” in Latin). Buuut… really what it’s become is Lord have mercy on us ‘cause this baby craaaaaazy. JK we love her (she gets her crazy from Pavel I swear).

Often uses tears or irresistible cuteness or some conflicting combination to distract. Sometimes tries to contribute to editing photos by banging on the computer, but often just deletes the photo (thank God for the UNDO button!).

She is the love of our lives. And the reason why we will always be better than we were yesterday.